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Welcome to Jewelry Designs by Darla!
Custom Cloisonne Necklace
Original and Custom Jewelry Designs
Handcrafted with Quality and Attention to Detail

This site is dedicated specifically to my jewelry designs. I have a wide variety of designs and mediums available. I also do custom design     work, based on customer needs.
This home page should provide a brief glance into my business and serve as a way to contact me and  to navigate the rest of the site.

Here is a little info about me:

My name is Darla Smith and I have been designing jewelry since 1975.
I generally work with semi precious stones, pearls, crystals and intriguing beads. I work with many mediums, including wire wrap, individualized and custom wire and chain, silk, tiger tail, etc. I also carry a few collage designs -- most of them are actually designed by my husband.    

I currently work out of my home studio, so that I can work anytime the muse strikes. I am a member of the International Jewelry Designers Guild, JC, JOC & JT. For the rest of the story, follow the link to the "About Designs by Darla" page.                                    
Contact Info:

Designs by Darla
(a Division of Millwood Enterprises)

PO Box 175 ~ Woodlake, CA 93286-0175
Phone: (559) 564-0907
Fax: (559) 564-0908

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