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I will explain my current business and ordering policies on this page.

Shipping Information

1. Orders are shipped as soon as possible, after funds are received. I ship USPS, unless otherwise requested.

2. At this time accepted methods of payment are: check, cashiers' checks and money orders.

3. All items are weighed with their packaging materials and the shipping is calculated as accurately as possible. If requested, I will gladly ship via USPS Priority Mail, that is a flat charge of $ 3.20, for packages 2lbs. and under, in the continental US.*

*Customers Outside the United States, Please Note:

I will ship to all countries where the United States Government permits shipping goods and will work closely with you to ensure that your order arrives safely.

I ask that you familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and laws of your country so there will not be any surprises awaiting you when you receive your merchandise ~ your order may be subject to import duty and taxes in your country, and these are your responsibility. If there is anything I should be aware of when shipping to your country, you need to inform me of this.

All orders must be paid for in US dollars by Western Union or International Money Order.

I ship insured for full invoice value, and declare the contents truthfully on the invoice. In this respect, I ask that you do not ask me to break any U.S. or international import and export laws by declaring your purchase as either a "gift" or "of no value."

4. I always insure items over $10.00, unless buyer stipulates they do not want insurance. I am not responsible for uninsured items. All items are very well packed and any transit damage or loss is limited to the amount of the insurance. Insurance charges for US shipments are as follows:

Orders up to $ 50.00 = 85ò ªª* $50.01 - $100.00 = $1.80 *** $100.01 - $200.00 = $2.75 *** Orders over $200, I pay for the insurance within the US.

5. I NEVER charge a handling or packaging fee!

6. Please include with your payment, your order form or a copy of the confirming email with item #'s, your e-mail address, phone number and shipping address so I can serve you promptly.

Descriptions, Guarantees, Etc.

Every effort is made to ensure that my descriptions are as acurate as possible on all items, if you have any questions about an item's description, please contact me. All possible care is taken so that your item(s) arrive in the same condition as shipped.

When shipping jewelry every effort is made so that the jewelry arrives as shipped. If there should be any minor shipping damage (not a total loss that would be covered by insurance), return the item(s) with all sets, parts, etc. and the repairs will be made for you and the piece will be returned to you.

The workmanship of all of my own designs are guaranteed for a period of 1 (one)year. If the constuctions should give way or stringing material break, under normal wear conditions (not abuse or washing machines), return the piece to me post paid and the repairs will be made at no cost to you.

Return / Refund Policy

Contact to be made by email to within 3 days of receipt of the item, for return authorization. Returns will be accepted if the item is not as described. Requests for other returns will be handled on an individual basis, and returns can almost always be accommodated. Your satisfaction is very important.

The returned item must be received back within 7 business days of authorization, in the same condition and shipping materials as sent and insured if it was shipped to you insured. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Refunds are sent promptly upon receipt of the returned merchandise.

Please be sure to return all pieces of any matching set or combination-priced jewelry or other articles. I cannot accept returns of items damaged after your receipt, either by breakage, distortion, loss of stones or other parts, by application of testing acids or attempts to clean it using improper methods. I cannot accept late returns, or refund any shipping or insurance charges.

Contact Info:

Designs by Darla
(a Division of Millwood Enterprises)

PO Box 175 ~ Woodlake, CA 93286-0175
Phone: (559) 564-0907
Fax: (559) 564-0908

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